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Red Emerald Designs™ specializes in luxury, high-end custom composite furniture for the modern business and living space. We reach to inspire a new level of comfort and style in your home, daily meetings, and workspace. Our furniture is made to order, so you can build a truly unique space with elegant shapes and vivid color. The possibilities are near limitless when you consider the fully customizable options of color, height, width, and length. Top your table with a solid carbon fiber overlay or a custom-cut glass tabletop with optional logo etched front and center. Whatever you choose you’ll have one strikingly rare piece of furniture that makes a big statement. These beautiful custom designs will knock the drab socks off your guests and potential clients.

Why choose Red Emerald Designs?

With the versatility of a small company but breadth of resources and expertise of a larger one, Red Emerald Designs™ gives you the best in carbon composite furniture for a fraction of the cost. Our unique filament winding technique produces furniture more durable than steel and far less cumbersome. And we keep complete command over the manufacturing process from start to finish, so you get the desired furniture you want, the way you want it. For over 40 years, our engineers have designed using composite materials producing the finest products for aerospace, defense, cycling, and more. Let us build a table for you that your visitors will be sure to notice.

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How does filament winding create a better table?

Whenever strength is needed at low weight, with durability and performance at the pinnacle of product character, filament winding is the manufacturing process of choice.

The Process

Filament-winding is a manufacturing technique where continuous fibers are wound under tension at specified angles. During winding, we infuse the fibers in a resinous matrix, and when heated, the carbon and resin cure into an incredibly strong and durable composite structure. Winding our luxury composite tables ensures the legs can bear more weight than steel but are still light enough to allow for excellent maneuverability. Without the constraints of using individual molds, we can give you complete customization of length and other features. Winding our furniture gives us, and you, maximum control.

Our Certification

Red Emerald Designs™ is a tradename of Advanced Composites, Inc. (ACI). ACI leads the industry in aerospace and defense composite manufacturing. Your composite furniture will undergo the same processes of manufacturing and quality assurance we use for specialty aircraft structures. We’ve only one quality tier: extremely high, and we back that claim with AS9100 & ISO9001 certifications for composite design and manufacturing. We do everything to ensure the luxury furniture we make for you is the best around. We lead the industry in luxury composite furniture. Our patented filament winding process is the best in the biz, and you’ll see our commitment to excellence from beginning to end.

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Easy online ordering

We provide professional custom ordering online so you can always find exactly what you’re looking for. Because our tables are filament wound instead of molded, we have the ability to tailor table height, width, length, and unique color combinations. Simply contact us with your specifications and our experienced engineers will earnestly build your table from the ground up.