About Red Emerald Designs

Red Emerald Designs™ (RED) is a trademark of Advanced Composites, Inc. (ACI). ACI leads the industry in aerospace and defense composite manufacturing and have established brands in the water sports industry, cycling world, and natural resource refinement.  As such, RED manufactures composite furniture under the same strict fabrication protocols and merciless quality assurance measures as ACI’s aerospace designs.

What’s in a name?

The Red Emerald

Millions of years ago, pressure deep within the Earth pushed the Wah Wah Mountains in Utah high into the air. Lava flowing beneath the surface steamed as it discharged into great pools of underground water. The cooling of lava created vertical vents in the rock where gases could escape. This incredibly unique situation created the rare deposits of gems known as red emeralds. Found only near Beaver, Utah, USA, these precious stones are so rare they’re worth a thousand times their weight in gold. One red emerald is mined to every 150,000 diamonds!

Red Emerald Designs™

Our advanced patented filament winding process creates rare structures of great value. Because of their strength-to-weight ratios and customizable design, such composite structures are in demand by the US military and aerospace design. The Red Zebra luxury table is another one-of-a-kind invention. There simply is no other table out there quite like ours, nor can one be made anywhere on Earth except here in Utah. Our luxury composite table is the red emerald of design.

Our Mission

To provide the highest quality fiber-reinforced composite furniture, customer service, and innovative solutions available. RED’s products are delivered on time, every time. We work to earn your respect and loyalty.

Good business is simple. Take care of people and value relationships. That’s what we do here at RED.

Core Value

Provide you with the best manufacturing solutions, services, and
products, period.

Devote the height of our focus and attention to every detail of the
design and fabrication of your product.

Accept responsibility for decisions made at individual and company