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Brightly Lit Office Space Brightly Lit Office Space

Why You Should Decorate Your Office with High-End Luxury Furniture

Get out of the dark and step into the light.


Your office space is killing your productivity. It is sending the wrong message about you and your company. Visitors and guests are offended by the complete lack of design and optimization around your office. Employees hang their heads in despair and whisper discontent as if the colorless walls and drab decor are sucking away their life energy. But you got a great price on your furniture, right? And now you’re paying for it in lack of employee retention, business production, and new clientele. There’s a better way. Invest in your office space. Put high-end luxury furniture in your office spaces and invite comfort, utility, and happiness back into your work life. Work doesn’t have to be so solemn. In fact, it shouldn’t be. It should be a place of creativity, innovation, inspiration. Not overly serious, unrelenting in its subdued colorfulness and life. How do you expect to have a thriving business in a setting that squelches any originality? Boxed cubicles, florescent lights, whitewashed walls, cramped halls and spaces scream, “GET ME OUTTA HERE!” Cultivating an environment that encourages ingenuity and vision starts with a pleasant aesthetic and comfortable office space. Investing now in some high-end furniture and office decor will save you money and stress down the long stretch.

Luxury Office Furniture Brings Life to Business

High-End Luxury Furniture by Red Emerald Designs
Photo by Trevor Hansen

The first thing you need to do is throw out that atrocious particle board conference table and then, go take a shower. (Shivers). Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, we can really dive into how luxury office furniture can liven up your business and put production back into the zombie corps you’ve been running. On average 40% of your workday is spent in meetings. Depending on your position in the company, it is likely more than that. So, you need to have comfortable, inspiring locations to hold these meetings, large and small.

Looking to hold a company meeting? You probably want everyone facing front and center. Barring the need for an auditorium, a U-shaped conference table will give you the utility your looking for when presenting or providing information to larger groups. Add plush seating to make employees grateful for the chance to sit down rather than toting their own doughnut pillow to pad their caboose.

For more intimate conferences, a large rectangular conference table would fit the bill much nicer. An environment where colleagues face each other invites collaboration. Remember, comfort and utility are key. Decide what your needs are and find the right conference table to meet those needs. For instance, you want technology available for presentations, but you don’t want cords strung all around the tabletop or across the floor. Imagine your clients first look at your business. You don’t want their first thought to be about the cluttered cords and your inability to use modern tech. Clean up the clutter, whatever that means for you. Get high-end furniture with built-in cutting-edge technology, chairs that offer the best in comfort, and screens that give you capability, not frugality. Be frugal at home, not in your business decor. Dress to impress right? Same goes for how you dress up your office space.

High-End Luxury Furniture for the Modern Business

Spaces aren’t all about the office furniture, just mostly. You can have the best high-end luxury furniture around and still miss the mark. It’s about the entire presentation. Lighting, colors, space, you name it, your furniture needs to make the most of what your business has to offer.

Sunshine and Luxury Furniture Make for increased Production

Brightly Lit Office Space
Photo by Toa Heftiba

If you have plenty of windows to offer natural light, use it, accentuate it. Instead of building a conference room that shuts out the natural light, build one with glass walls and doors to let it in. Make sure the views outside the windows are relaxing and not busy or ugly. If that means planting a garden or a few trees, so be it. Maybe it means getting a mural painted on the building next door, or putting a clear decorative film over the glass, or an aquarium for goodness sake. Be creative, and your employees will be too.

Perhaps your office space is lacking in natural light. You’ll want to try to recreate the openness and brightness that natural light offers without straining people’s eyes. Start by painting the walls with a soft ivory or pale blue color. This will lighten up the room and add the appearance of a light source outside the room. Keep the colors consistent between the walls and ceiling to wash out lines and add the perception of extra height to the room. Put hidden lights around the office space, behind ceiling beams or furniture, giving the illusion of light coming into the room from an outside source. Where appropriate you can place internal windows or transoms between rooms to share light and open up the area. If you’re above the ground floor, you can utilize the light from below by placing glass flooring strategically around the office to open up your space even more.

Mirrors and large art pieces can really open up an area, making it feel larger than it actually is. If you’re dealing with a claustrophobic, windowless space, hanging a large mirror will simulate the effect of a window by adding light and depth. Likewise, large art pieces break up walls similar to windows. They bring color, lightness, and culture to an otherwise cramped, bland, and lifeless office space. Do yourself, and your employees a favor, and add some art around the office.

Nature and High-End Furniture Reduce Stress and Increase Health

According to business insider having plants in your office can cause a 15% increase in productivity. Maybe you can’t hold your conference meetings out on the lawn but putting a few trees and shrubs in your office space is easy. Furthermore, plants produce airborne chemicals (phytoncides) to protect from insects and disease. These chemicals carry antibacterial and anti-fungal properties that when breathed in by us, trigger an increase in production of white blood cells, particular white blood cells that fight off virus and tumor infected cells. Not only will surrounding your employees with flora help prevent the number of sick days on the books, but they also reduce stress, increase focus, and literally bring a dead space to life. If you can’t see how these things will benefit your business then perhaps you’re looking for something more like this cat video than an article about office decor.

Put trees, flowers, greenery, all over your business. Maybe forgo the full-on jungle atrium with howler monkeys swinging from the trees – I hear they can be rather distracting – but get some life inside your walls. A bonsai centerpiece on your conference table, a fiddle-leaf fig tree in the corner, little succulents at the front desk, the more you mix plants in with your luxury furniture decor, the more inviting your office will become for your employees and visitors.

Succulent Plants Office Decor
Photo by Alvin Engler

Understanding Function is Key to Designing a Conference Room.

Earlier, we discussed some of the different needs a conference room might fulfill, like lecture hall vs collaboration room. Determining how the room will be utilized is the key to unlocking the true power of design. Once you understand what it is you want accomplished within a space, you can direct all your design efforts to provide the best atmosphere for your mission. For instance, you regularly bring clients into your office to discuss future business deals. How would you like your clients to feel as you discuss potential business? At ease? Trusting? Comfortable? Now, you can direct your attention to transforming your office space into the most comfortable, inviting meeting room you can imagine, using mellow colors and design schemes that instill trust and put inhabitants at ease.

Whatever your desire for your office space, there are a couple things most everyone should be aiming for when it comes to a better conference room environment. One, you want your conference room to be welcoming and warm. Guests are almost always in a conference room. Make sure you’re making a positive impression. Second, be sophisticated. Often the first place people see is the conference room. Don’t just throw some second-hand conference table and chairs in there. Make a statement, let your branding accomplish something.

Don’t Wait. Start Filling Your Office Space with Luxury.

Luxury, high-end furniture will give your business the appearance your wanting, the character you want others to associate with your business and what they might expect from you. Stop sending the wrong message with bargain furniture and cookie cutter office decor. Get truly original, let your personality shine and that of your exceptional employee culture. A third of your life is spent at work – that’s more than half your waking moments. Quit draining what little life your employees have left. Revitalize your workspace, invigorate your employees, and start reaping the rewards of what high-end luxury can do for your business.

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